Talent Show Spotlight from 7th Grade Student Janell


As a participant in the talent show, I will be keeping a weekly blog to document how I am preparing for the talent show on March 24th… Join me as I find out about new talents, help people find their hidden talent, and find my own voice along the way.

janell talent show

March 3, 2016

Last week was the first rehearsal or auditions for the talent show. They are on Mondays and Tuesdays. They are held in the auditorium and Mr. Rappa is in charge of it all. When I entered the auditorium, there were about 20 kids and three teachers who were already there. After Mr. Rappa had said a brief introduction, he asked if anybody was ready to perform. I saw one or two people raise their hand.Soon,one after the other, almost every student there performed onstage. I think that it was great that Mr. Rappa had decided to let everybody have a chance to experience the stage. Of course, what else were we supposed to do in the front of the auditorium at a rehearsal. A talent show rehearsal, I may add. It was fun to watch and learn what other students were going to be doing at the talent show. I observed all the students perform until I decided to go up. I just decided to pick a song that I knew at least half of the lyrics to. I chose Set Fire to the Rain by Adele because she fit in my singing range. Also, I knew most of the song but only wanted to sing half of it. Before I knew it, I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 and I had to catch the late bus.


March 10, 2016

Although I missed the Monday rehearsal, I was able to make it to the Tuesday rehearsal. As I entered the auditorium, I immediately noticed that there was a few more performers than last week. I took a seat near the front of the auditorium, and we got started. Last rehearsal, I hadn’t started memorizing the lines to my song so I decided to just sing another one of Adele’s famous songs, When We Were Young. This time, I had started to memorize the first verse and chorus of the song. I know that I had been on the stage more than twice in my lifetime. But for some reason, once I got on stage in front of the microphone, my heart started pounding faster and faster until I felt like it was going to pop right and out of me and leave me breathless. I guess I was scared to mess up or something. I told Mr. Rappa the song that I was going to sing and the music begun. Again, my heart started to pound intensely until I knew that it was my cue to sing. Once I started to sing, the butterflies flew away and my heart started to pound at its regular pace. Soon, after I had sang through the first verse and chorus, I told Mr. Rappa that I hadn’t practiced the second verse yet. I walked off the stage as the audience gave me warm, gentle applause. We saw some more performances and then it was time to go.


March 17, 2016

When I went to the rehearsal, as usual, there were already people there and more acts than before. I was surprised to see some more dancing acts. I had memorized more of my song so I wasn’t as scared as last week’s rehearsal. There were some acts that went onstage before and the audience just made a few minor suggestions and tips. When I went on, I had that same thrilling and rushing feeling as I explained to you last week. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I love having that feeling of when you are the center of attention. I know many people don’t feel the same, but once you get used to it, standing and performing or speaking in public isn’t all that bad. Anyway, I went onstage after Mr. Rappa called on me and I sang two verses and the chorus twice. I also worked on trying to move around the stage a bit even though it didn’t feel that comfortable or natural to me. The audience gave an applause and I went off stage. I watched some more students perform and then I was off to go catch the late bus at 3:30, as usual.


March 23, 2016

Yesterday was the last day of rehearsal for the talent show since the show is Thursday. I think that I have come a long way. From not knowing the song at all to knowing the song almost perfectly. I’ve made a lot of progress and so have the other students participating in the talent show. I am so excited to show off what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It feels like just yesterday that I was onstage for the first rehearsal. I can’t wait!!! Wish me luck and don’t forget that the talent show is on Thursday from 7:00-8:30. There are many posters around the school and a few were made by yours truly. Come support us and, I probably already said this, but wish me luck!


March 24, 2016


Today was the Talent Show!!! Today was probably one of the busiest days of my life. I had to stay after school for theater practice, come home for only 2 hours before I had to run off to violin practice. Luckily for me, I told my teacher about the talent show at my school and she said that I should go and make up the practice later. When I made it to the talent show, it had already started. I was going on about 5 acts later. Time went by very slowly. I was told to wait in the chorus room till it was my turn to go up. I kept myself busy by talking to other students who were also participating in the talent show and drawing on the whiteboard.

Before I knew it, Sean was telling me that I was up after the act that was on. Soon, I was backstage waiting for them to announce my name on the microphone. When the introduced me, I started to get a bad case of Stomach-Butterflies-atosis. I dragged myself onstage because my legs were so wobbly from all the excitement. I was probably imagining it because when I looked down at my legs, they were fine and staying still. I looked at the crowd and almost immediately spotted my parents. I felt dumb because I knew that every time I spot my parents in the audience, I start smiling like crazy, which I did.

Mr.Rappa then turned on the music and I was just thinking ,”This is it! This is exactly what you practiced! Don’t mess it up!” Once I opened my mouth to sing, my body became less tense and I felt like I was floating in mid-air. My brain switched from panic mode to it’s-alright mode. My mind was blank and I felt so relaxed, like I had finally made it home from a long stressful adventure because this is exactly what I was born to do. I had hit the highest note in the whole song and I saw all my friends going crazy. I just thought to myself, “I was definitely born to do this.” Soon, I had finished my song and was taking my bow. The crowd was giving really awesome applause. Then I felt this feeling in me like I wanted to do it all over again. Again and again until my heart could take it no more.

I walked off stage to see everybody giving me high fives and telling me how great I did. I walked back to the auditorium and scared my parents from a row behind. They kept telling me that they were so proud of me. I sat with them for the rest of the show until the finale. All the talent show participants ran onto the stage while two 8th graders were about to finish singing their song “Titanium.” We started singing along and dancing like there was no tomorrow. It was so much fun! The announcers, Jack Cox and Holly Ramsey, made their final announcement as announcers. The crowd went crazy as we all made our final bows. The Talent Show was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it all again next year! Until next time, this is Janell Gamboa saying,”I’m Out!”



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