Martin’s Got Talent


Students perform at the talent show to create one incredible night.

By: Jack Cox

talent show

March 24th was one exciting night here at MMS. Students had the chance to show off their talent at the talent show. I was ½ of the MC, and it sure was pretty fun. Here is the list of performers, MCs, and backstage workers:

Performers                                   Backstage                          Masters Of Ceremonies

Sarita Seth                                    Sean Baird                                  Holly Ramsey                                     

Ariana Williams                             Eric Robinson                                  Jack Cox

Trinitie Lussier

Carissa Fortes                                                                                             

Nini Mai                                                                                                    

Amanda Morais                                                                                    

Tracey Leone                                                                                   

Shiyah Mingo                                     

McKenzie Perkins                                                                                   

Autumn Richards                                                                            

Anais Lust                                                                                   

Ethan Rivera                                                                                               

Juan Batiste                                                                                                 

Alexis Chartier

Kya Abatiello

Marayna Vasconcelos

Tyquan Thompson

Joelle Silva

Janell Gamboa

Akasia Gomez

Jennifer Ferreira


So, for those of you wondering “what kind of acts were there?” I will say that it was The Voice featuring some dancing. Oh yeah, plus me and Holly’s HILARIOUS jokes. Needless to say, it was a very fun, cool night. It was also the perfect opportunity for the students to show how talented MMS is. But don’t worry, there is always next year for those who didn’t do any acts, and I recommend doing them. It is a great experience and you make good friends doing so. But enough about my opinion. I talked to some kids about their favorite acts from the night. Sean Baird and Karen Engelhardt said Juan Batiste, who sang “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble. Alexis Rosa said Jack Cox and Holly Ramsey’s jokes and hosting were her favorite. (Thanks Alexis). James Ferland’s favorite act was Marayna Vasconcelos, who sang “All Of Me” by John Legend. Emme Cox’s favorite act was Ethan Rivera, who sang “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers.

Anyways, the talent show was a huge hit, and personally a lot of fun.  It was definitely an epic night. Special thanks to Mrs. Avila, Mr. Perry, Mr. Small, Mr. Terceira, and Mr. Rappa. This awesome night wouldn’t be possible without your help.



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