The Legend of Robin Hood…Sort of Spotlight


by 7th Grade Student Janell

robinAs everybody should know, the Martin Theater Company has been working on a play called The Legend of Robin Hood… Sort of. Although this year has had its growing pains because we had some new talent that needed to be developed with a lot of new actors. This play has actually been very different but in many good ways. I am Robin Hood in the play and I am in Cast A. It has been a big jump for me. Last year, there were many more 8th graders who participated in theater. It was my first year doing a play at MMS, and I hadn’t really had much experience with acting. This year, we had two new teachers help us with the play and it has brought a lot of expertise to the play. This year my role in the play changed dramatically. I switched from being a sheriff that doesn’t have as many lines, to the main character that is on stage constantly and has many more lines to memorize. It has been tough to memorize my lines quickly and still go home and do other activities. But we managed to pull it together and now, here we are: opening night!

I know that I definitely want to continue theater most likely for the rest of my life because theater has been a really good experience for me. This is because I got to know a lot of new people and take on a bigger challenge with a larger role, which was actually really fun. I would encourage others to join theater because it doesn’t just give you something to do after school. Theater is much more than that. You get to be apart of something that is bigger than yourself. The best part about being in theater for me is the performing. You get to show the audience what you have been working on for a the past few months. I think that is truly the best part about theater. Making the audience laugh and becoming the best entertainment that your audience has seen so far. I put my heart and soul into acting and I hope that maybe someday, many other students can join in the future plays and share the experience with many others. Like me!  




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