Bingo Night Family Letter


October 19th, 2018

Dear Martin Families, Teachers and Staff,

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is planning a BINGO Night on Friday, November 2nd in the MMS cafeteria. Our PTA has asked that our students bring in items to create baskets by their grade level teams. These items will be placed in a basket and it will be awarded to winners of BINGO. Flyers will also be sent home soon and we ask for your participation.

The themes have been randomly chosen below. Please check to see what TEAM is supporting the THEME! The students on these teams will be asked to donate any items they can below. Look for your team and bring any items to homeroom by October 31st!

Theme: Movies (Tickets, popcorn, candy, etc.) – Grade 6 – House A
Ms. Gogolen, Ms. Letendre, Ms. Small, Ms. Pruett and Mr. Emond

Theme: Holidays (Items for Winter Holidays)- Grade 6 – House A
Ms. Henault, Mr.Hunt, Mr. Riley, Ms. Soderlund and Ms. Snow

Theme: Sports (Sporting goods, etc) – Grade 7 – House B
Mr. Orrall, Mr. Costa, Ms. Dugan, Ms. Audett, and Ms. Larghi.

Theme: Arts & Crafts supplies (Paper, Accessories, Drawing/Writing tools, etc) – Grade 7 – House D Ms. Chapkounian, Mr. Charves, Mr. Eklof, Ms. Simpson and Ms. Millea

Theme: Kitchen supplies (Utensils, Plates, Napkins, etc) – Grade 8 – B House
Ms. Usenia, Ms. Thacker, Mr. Hanlon, Ms. Richardson, and Mr. Kennedy

Theme: Thanksgiving (Decorations, Canned/Boxed goods, etc.) – Grade 8 – D House
Ms. Donaldson, Ms. Moran, Mr. Tarasevich, Ms.Tavares and Ms. White

We would like the items brought into Homeroom by October 31st, so the baskets can be created for BINGO NIGHT on November 2nd. We hope to see you all at BINGO Night on November 2nd at 6pm for a wonderful event that helps fund field trips and exciting events for Martin Middle School students.

Thank you for all you do!
Mr. Black
Martin Middle School


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