About Us

Edward R. Martin Middle School (MMS) is a public school that is part of the East Providence, Rhode Island School Department. We educate over 700 6th, 7th and 8th grade students mostly from the central part of East Providence and the Rumford section.

MMS, the home of the “Wildcats” opened as a Junior High School serving 7th through 9th grade students in December, 1977. In 1998, Martin was reorganized as a middle school serving 6th through 8th grades. Martin currently has a three member administrative team consisting of the Principal and an Assistant Principal and also a Dean of Students. MMS is organized into three Houses comprised of six teams of core teachers (2 at each grade level, 6th, 7th & 8th). Each team has a Resource teacher attached to their group, along with a grade level ELL teachers attached to a team.  The school day begins at 7:45am, allowing approximately 720 students the choice to attend the morning breakfast program and check into their homeroom. The 7:55 bell is followed by music to prepare students for upcoming pledge of allegiance and announcements for the day. Classes start promptly at 8:00am. The master schedule is now a 5 day rotating schedule.

Student engagement is a top priority at Edward R. Martin Middle School. The Martin Middle School community believes that through student engagement, students will succeed not only in their four core subjects, but also through other educational opportunities. These options include literacy, numeracy, computer courses, world languages, art, robotics, tech ed, band, chorus, and physical education/health.

Martin Middle School competes in athletics at the interscholastic level. After school team sports have had a positive effect on our school’s culture and student engagement. In addition, students participate in extracurricular activities such as robotics club, theater program, yearbook club, and Student Council (student government).

Students and teachers at Martin Middle School are guided by the principles of ROARSRespect, Organization, Achievement, Responsibility, and Safety –  and work to promote MMS as a valuable community resource.

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