School Resource Officer

Officer Cheri Almeida
School Resource Officer

ep police badgeThe Police Officer assigned to Edward R. Martin Middle School as a School Resource Office (SRO) is a police officer employed by the East Providence Police Department. The SRO is responsible for all of the police-related activities at the school where they are assigned.

They establish a rapport with students, faculty, and the community. The SRO will act as a liaison between the school and the police department. The SRO has the responsibility of handling campus-related problems that range from crime prevention to law enforcement, investigative follow-up, individual and group counseling, and delinquency. A working knowledge of the community’s social service agencies and the adult and juvenile justice system are essential. The SRO will be a referral source for various social service agencies.

The SRO will interact with area residents and businesses to form partnerships in crime prevention and controlling or redirecting illicit youth group activity. He or she may participate in meetings and committee work within the officer’s assigned school.